This section of the website is intended as a space for contributions, invitations and the overall creative work of those who resonate with the main theme of the site: the concept of the Grail in its inspiration of nobility in man.

Here, a space is provided for various levels of human maturity and wisdom resulting in various ways and efforts to help others.

The articles and contributions published in this section may come from a variety of contributors and therefore do not necessarily coincide in all respects with the founding – introductory texts of the website.

One condition of this contributing part is a pure, meaningful and understandable effort to provide others with real virtues on the road to Light and the resulting creativity

So there is room to fulfill the Law of Creation of Giving and Taking, and what is more, there is room to understand that in giving there is always more blessing for man than just taking

This Law of Balance is thus pursued in the delimitation of the space for the section “From One to Another”

The format of the contributions may vary – therefore not the format nor the method would be corrected, provided that the name of the author and any contact is always stated.

Contributions are not purposefully called for by this website ’ he Path of the Grail’, nor is it the purpose of recruitment for any unified way of collaboration, since everything truly decisive at this important time, takes place on a personal level of pure living of each individual

We believe that in the context of the present time, all those who come with their contributions will understand that even for this more open section of the website, the administrator reserves the exclusive right not to post unsolicited posts

Especially if the posts are too far from the basic spirit of the website, or if they contradict good morals