Anyone who longs to help and shape supportive currents to expand the Path of the Grail can be confident that the beginning of such help and support begins in his honest, fair dealings with other people. To this the bright flame of his knowing spirit should be added, the spirit that walks more and more confidently on the knowing path to the spiritual home

That is how each of us is to walk through life

Keeping in you alive and lasting sense of the high meaning of human spirit in all moments of every day life, is in itself the starting point of the Path of the Holy Grail and thus it co-creates supportive ways to help others

That is precisely the greatness and at the same time the simplicity of spiritual action. It is the primary, natural mediation of a refreshing and empowering flow for all those around us

It is also true that without this foundation of pure, joyful, creativity-filled action towards fellow-men, nothing else can be built

Anything built without this underlying foundation must eventually collapse, however, perhaps in the beginning such a building might seem solid, not requiring any foundation, hoping it could be replaced  with the power of will, discipline, or learning

No building that seeks to be in contact with the Light, with the Grail, can omit this fundamental link, which is alive, pure resonance of the human spirit

Order, discipline, accomplishment of tasks, respect for the hierarchy, persuasiveness, the ability to solve even the most complex technical issues … all these very valuable qualities, can never succeed in the long run, unless the above-mentioned foundation is always involved in all actions: the pure radiation of the spirit striving for the Light, and the consequent enduring honest, fair, harmonious conduct towards fellow men

Only on this foundation is it possible to build higher knowledge and the power flowing from it to find a way to improve the setting of life here on Earth

Only in such internal attunement of a human being, help of the spiritual kind sent by the noble servants from the heights of the Grail can grow roots

And it is precisely in fulfilling of this foundation – the brightening, the whitening of the spiritual garment of each individual man – that lies the desired, long-sought “Kingdom of God on Earth”

At the same time, a truly wise, knowing man carries within himself a setting of understanding that, despite the great efforts of many, the Earth is still far from ideal and perfection, which should perhaps already be visible on the actions of one or another spiritually striving fellow-men

A wise and mature spirit here on Earth will always keep within an overview and understanding when judging the actions of others

He or she will always want to seek first only pure and honest motives

And even if he or she was to experience disappointment over and over again, his or hers spirit would still bear the belief in the better that others might still wake up to

It is not up to us to judge whether this or that fellow man should be condemned by the Light

Judgment, retribution, settlement of all belongs always and only to Him who is King of the Will of God the Father in the halls of the Grail Castle

Parsifal is He who has Power over all the threads of living things