The International Path of the Grail is a path that all people can follow, for it involves everything necessary for the ascent of men, wherever he or she is and at any stage of spiritual maturity.

The International Path of the Grail spontaneously helps to improve conditions in any nation, while preserving its traditions and customs that distinguish it from others, by following the wise Laws of Creation in its organization and supporting individuals on their spiritual path to ascension

The International Path of the Grail offers the achievement of the goal of a high degree of humanity, to which it rises through individual stages of improvement, easily manageable for any person truly seeking their spiritual advancement

Through its knowledge of the effects of Laws of Creation, The International Path of the Grail provides strong support for individuals in their attitude to life, creating the ground from which, through personal ascent, the prerequisite for peace and creative cooperation eventually will grow among all nations on Earth

In the knowledge of the way to fulfill the individual meaning of life lies the shift to the betterment at all levels of society and thus of all mankind

The Path of the Grail as well as the The International Path of the Grail is acting as a mediator of new knowledge across countries and continents, it encourages this progress in transforming individual consciousness Spiritual ascent brought by the The International Path of the Grail is offered as a possible way out of today’s confusion and chaos

However, no one should be forced and persuaded

Parsifal, who rules from the Grail towards the Creation, always requires a free, voluntary inner decision from each human spirit

Each person should therefore be left with a free choice in this important step that sets his or hers path through the steps of the Creation, either to ascent or to increasingly growing sense of a loss, eventually leading towards complete extinction – the loss of the promise

This decision is in the hands of every person, it is a fully responsible choice

The call from the Grail, however, can be a great help in making this decision for each spirit, in reminding the wondrous moment of the first awakening of consciousness of our spiritual spark at the beginning of our journey from the Light-lit steps of the Creation

Every country and every nation can sign up to the International Path of the Grail by starting to seek and act according to the knowledge and guidance of the Grail through the lives of its people

As the first step, a genuine commitment to just, healthy and wise living circumstances for individuals and society must be set to participate in the International Path of the Grail