The desire of many people in the world is to achieve a lasting, never-ending experience of happiness, joy, harmony…

The path to this lasting state of being is open through the awakening of the inner – spiritual essence of man

The infinity of being consists of continuing the spiritual existence of man beyond this life in ever more conscious harmony with the just Laws of the Work of Creation

The inner essence, the spiritual heart, is an unquestionable part of each of us humans

It echoes the real home from which we once came down to these distant levels of the material universe, to gain experience — maturity

The success of our journey towards the infinity of our duration lies in the following:

1) Recognition of this journey (let us internally strive for the conscious experience that we are not only material creatures)

2) Awakening of the inner spiritual essence of ourselves (in experiencing the force flowing from within us – in the center of the chest)

3) Understanding that at the beginning of our being we awakened first in a spiritual essence that predestines us to exist in infinite duration upon returning to home, that home other that is different from the materiality of this world (experiencing the state of inner lightness, freedom, childlikeness but also greatness, grandeur, and conscious responsibility for oneself)

The infinity of life is a promise that the Creator puts as a gifted spark into every human spirit

Let just awaken in us a desire for infinity of life, a desire that resonates deep within us in each of us

It will lead us through the purification of our inside core towards the outlet of the starting point of all Life, where the glowing image of the Grail lives, the place of eternal renewal of forces for everything existing in the Work of Creation

Direction of our spiritual core towards the starting point of all Life, towards the Grail, is the direction that elevates our consciousness above this material world

Direction towards the infinity of life is a natural foundation of the meaning of life for every person

The state of infinity is not tied to earthly longevity

This state is only high above the world of matter, for it is connected with the spiritual essence dwelling within us