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Individual sections on the site have a division of articles into a section accessible without registration and a section that is available after the user has registered under his / her name.

This step is set up because we consider part of the texts to be so serious and valuable in terms of content that we find it inappropriate to make these mere curiosity and superficial volatility accessible with which, unfortunately, many texts that are important to man are often accepted and assessed

We consider the step of registering on the site as confirmation of more serious interest in those who have decided to register.

We also consider registering readers as a sign of some understanding of the high terms found on the site.

We believe that readers with a true understanding of the concept of the Grail and other high, so extremely valuable concepts for man, will not only perceive this step as an obstacle, but will welcome this site setup themselves.

Another part of the site are sections offering the possibility of creating together

Interested parties are offered opportunities to learn together in the Knowledge of the Work of Creation and its lawful events that affect each and every person on his journey through levels that offer the development of spiritual powers and abilities.

We believe that this part will be welcomed by the readers, however we leave it up to them to what extent they will draw for themselves.