Each of us has long gone on the path of knowledge and experience of our spirit

The external and internal experience as a natural consequence of our volition always forms around us exactly the environment we need to mature and intensify the seeking spark of our inside.

The path we walk on, either unconsciously or consciously, asks us to show our attitudes and elevates us either to the values ​​of Light, or through our ignorance and loss leads us to experience the hard, harsh effect of the Laws of Creation that  increases with time

The Laws of Creation are constantly weaving and moving forward towards manifestations of God’s Will.

The Laws of Creation are the Laws that should always have lifted us up to the Light, to the spiritual home from which we came – a place where we should return once we reach full maturity as wisdom and light-eminanting spirits

Unfortunately, all too often the very same Laws must have an unpleasant effect on man in what they present to him, for in the highest righteousness they shape the consequences of our act that were woven from our shallowness or even from deliberately ignoring the presence of the Higher Will in the Creation

The ‘School of Freedom’ talks about these great Laws and our relationship to them, it offers an understanding of why this or that is happening in a person’s life, and suggests a clear and understandable key to the path of inner strength and permanent hope

The ‘School of Freedom’ is a follow-up to the previous ‘School of Spiritual Overview’, which was divided into 36 separate days containing topics that support and develop first and foremost the finer perception of the participants’ own inner decision making skills – the skills which are based on the process of searching, realising and sharing the effects of the Laws in human life

The School could also be called “Light-shedding, raising steps”, where each participant can walk on these steps towards the development of their inner abilities and powers – these combined with realisation of their responsibility for actions and thinking, leads on to an increasingly conscious experience of true freedom of spirit

The School consists of 12 full days held once a month or once every two months, depending on the possibilities of the lecturers and listeners. It is therefore divided into one-year or two-year sequence of successive topics

If readers of these lines developed a serious interest in understanding the opening wealth of knowledge that can be used almost immediately in his or hers life, then they can inquire about the place and dates of the School

Anyone who comes with a genuine, serious interest is welcome at the seminars of the ‘School of Freedom’