The promise of infinity anchored within a man is real

This promise, however, to reach its fulfilment is conditioned by the respect for the wise laws of the great Work of Creation

Another condition for this is man’s free, voluntary decision to embark on this journey

Nobody should be persuaded, for it is undignified to persuade a person about something that is so intrinsic to himself or herself

Without the participation of inner volition, inner will, the exertion developed by itself, the splendor of infinite duration, remains for man a prerequisite, however a prerequisite that is not fulfilled

The state of infinite duration, which is the promised outlook for everyone, is always associated with a fully conscious, supreme development of man’s powers through the stages of his inner development, and this development of the spiritual kind is associated with experience of joy, happiness, fullness and harmony

It is not an endless life of suffering, pain, need, in which no one longs to dwell

Experience of often a bleak struggle and futility are always tied to the degrees of material parts of the later Creation

From these levels of difficulty, pain and aging, earthly death and disintegration, men should rise in the righteous effect of the Laws of Creation that pursue his refinement, purity and maturity towards the gates of the true spiritual home, to the blissful level of Light and Purity

Ascent, progress, gaining maturity and wisdom is the ability of man’s spiritual essence, which should be fulfilled in harmony with the Work of Creation

Liberation of the eve-lasting life in the joyful creation is therefore in the hands of each of the people

It is of utmost importance to understand correctly that earthly life is only one part of the great journey of spirit, but that this place can be a great turning point for all of us if we make the greatest effort here on Earth to know and fulfill the true meaning of our life

We have started this spiritual path long ago in the desire to fulfill our maturity and full participation in the harmony of the blissful spiritual home.

Being aware of this, and to go firmly forward with a new determination, is the most natural and correct thing to do right now

Let us not hesitate and exert our strength of good volition to come closer to the promise of infinity of life that is the pure development of abilities resting within our spiritual core

The Laws of Creation, acting as great, righteous help, predetermined by the Grail, set the path for everyone who is seriously aspiring