The pages are written and assembled with the innermost desire to lead as directly as possible to the removal of all deposits and veils lying on the most valuable knowledge that humanity receives in the term perceived as the Holy Grail

For this reason the author of the website and all those who help to maintain and develop it are not important – meanwhile, the only importance lies primarily in your own understanding of the term of the Holy Grail

In all simplicity and straightforwardness, the foremost place for these pages is the magnificent view of the Grail as the place from which everything else in this Creation has arisen and from which a force emanating constantly into the Creation contains everything necessary for all life

If any of the content of the Path of the Grail website is related to other texts and works on the Grail that readers may know, then given the origin of these works is pure, undistorted, such works should coincide with each other and support each other

It does not matter if one work stands higher than the other in its knowledge (it is worth stating that the Path of the Grail text does not claim any primacy), the most important is that the knowledge is consistent and its supportive outlook gives readers the opportunity to get to know the way to their radiating spiritual home, to the blissful promise of the spiritual Paradise anchored on the higher steps of the Creation

In times of great upheavals on Earth, the Grail sends out those who can bring a more authentic knowledge or even a direct Grail Message about all the happenings and the Laws of Creation – these can then re-emerge in front of all men in a radiant pure ray resonating In the Light of Truth