The Grail is the starting point of the truth of all that exists in the Work of Creation

The Will of God is constantly poured out of the Grail into the far distances of Creation, where it acts as a living stream of power for all events

This Will of God is carried by currents, by the wings of faithful servants, and its presence becomes the cornerstone – the law of Truth for all life in every cell, every drop of water, in every plant, animal, man…

The Divine Will radiating from the Grail created and holds the vaults of the heavens of all spiritual worlds, and in this later material universe it became the matrix of natural, physical laws

In the Grail, the beginning and the end of everything works according to the Law of God’s Will

In the Halls of the Grail rests the Truth – the primordial knowledge of pure clarity about everything that exists in Creation and above Creation

The Grail dwells in the past, present and future of everything that exists in the Creation, for everything is written within the framework of the primordial Laws and nothing can come out of their realm

At the highest level in the Grail Castle, held in the Light Blessed Hands of Parsifal, the living key of Truth rests from all life of all creatures and beings, all inhabitants of the Creation

Truth spews from the perfection of Parsifal and works in the Laws of Creation, for Parsifal is forever designated as the first servant to fulfill God’s Will in the Holy Grail

The Laws of Creation weave at every moment and weave all the actions of even the tiniest movement of each creature into a carpet of their life, carpet which finds support or tends to crash into the sacred harmony of God’s Will flowing into Creation through the Grail

Parsifal is the govenor and guardian of this sacred harmony, the Truth is His very essence, just as the ray of God’s Will – the Holy Spirit – Immanuel

Parsifal is the first in the Grail, and the Grail lasts only through the presence as Parsifal

Parsifal is the living form of Truth – the Will of God, giving Life to this Creation

He who fervently seeks the Truth will also find Parsifal as the Son of Man, the King and the purest first priest in the Grail, the One who is being given the grace of God the Father for this Creation and who carries within him the ray of God of this Creation