It is the starting point for everything that is found in the Work of Creation!

Everything else has come from the Holy Grail!

The Grail is the Light Castle rising up in the blinding glow of God’s Light

The Grail is the highest temple of true service to God

The Grail is in the first place from the very beginning of the Creation, at the height of all circling levels and spheres that have formed from God’s Will by the power gushing out of the Grail Halls, and have become a space for living countless beings and creatures.

The Grail is a place where protected by the purest knights, bright servants, and angels dwells the most holy vessel of unsuspected splendor, to which the divine, merciful blessing, becomes a renewed life-giving force, to allow the duration of all that was created

The Grail is a place where, from the beginning of time, the merciful Will of the ever-lasting Creator transforms itself into a ruby ​​shining, Life-bubling Power, a constantly refreshing Work of Creation, and all life existing in it, at the highest moment of the sacred moment!

The Grail is the gate through which the ray of God’s Will – the Holy Spirit – Imanuel emerged from Divine Eternity to become the beginning of all life in this Creation in Parsifal

The Grail is also the place where the Son of God, Jesus, through the Love of God the Father, went through this Creation

And through the Grail, Jesus returned back to God’s realm, where He dwells with God the Father as part of Himself

The Grail gives power to the life of every creature seeking purely to develop itself

The Grail shows every creature, every being a path leading to their fullness and blissful happiness in connection with the wholeness of the Work of Creation

The Grail offers the helping hands of its servants to lift upward to the Light anyone who carries the purity and will for creative, peaceful being

The Grail heals and conveys hope wherever the heart of man is prepared