This website is especially written for all serious people interested in the Grail’s knowledge

It is grouped into sections where topics are always linked with the term ‘Grail’

Serious interest should lead a reader to careful thinking and subtle perception of the text’s live images, towards which channels behind individual terms and sentences are directed

Let’s read the pages slowly, one by one

Let us try to perceive the images behind words, letting them enter into our spirit

Let us examine the concepts in depth in an effort to understand their meaning and benefit

The true acceptance and understanding of the written text always invokes the inner joy and consequently the spontaneous celebration of the Creator

Let’s go back to the places that speak most strongly to ourselves, and after a good attunement we can slowly proceed to the sentences and paragraphs that follow this “resonating” place for us

Let’s not hurry, many places will come to its inner, more holistic grip after some time perhaps, not just after the first reading

Experiencing something (a flash of a moment – situation, event) in our everyday life, that we needed to experience, releases a sudden obstacle in our mindset, and grasping long unprocessed sentences and paragraphs then comes by itself, slipping into images with ease

It is also good to know that here on Earth we live for the most part in schemes of thoughts or even dogmas created by other people, not us

We have embraced many such schemes around us (in education, in family, school, society) and, unfortunately, too often we have twisted beliefs without further thinking or without knowing why

A serious reading, and especially the perception of sentences and paragraphs on the pages, may help some readers to break free from the assumed views and find a new relationship with terms that have appeared to the world of today as distant, outdated, non-existent

Reading and understanding of the text can support one’s own path to free and forward inner movement

Let us move freer and more confident in everything – much and many will change for the better

We are aware that this website is not for all. Spiritual maturity of people here on earth differs and it is not possible to encompass the mood of all who are incarnated in the material world here

These texts are probably not intended for those who believe that this website does not sit well with their own beliefs

If this is the case, you can leave the pages for others to whom they bring encouragement and joy – respect that they can enrich them

We wish for everyone to live his or hers life by relying on their own free convictions and inner values ​​that bring to them and their loved ones lasting joy, creative powers and life-giving harmony

With your own example, your benevolence, nobility and wisdom, offer the others through your own life what you yourself believe is the foundation of the great harmony in the Work of Creation

Avoid evil, for evil never comes from the wisdom of Light and can never serve the Creator

Evil condemns itself and testifies to its agent that it has deviated from all the splendor gushing out of the Halls of the Grail in which there is a vessel with the Life-giving Power donated from Lovingness to the True God

Let us always act in the attunement of pure harmony, for it leads man to a resonance that opens the  inner spirit – in this way help can flow to our insides, having as a starting point the inspiration high in the Light, in the Grail

We wish all readers a lot of helping thoughts, which may come to them when reading these pages