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This section of the website is intended as a space for contributions, invitations and the overall creative work of those who resonate with the main theme of the site: the concept of the Grail in its inspiration of nobility in man.

Here, a space is provided for various levels of human maturity and wisdom resulting in various ways and efforts to help others.

The articles and contributions published in this section may come from a variety of contributors and therefore do not necessarily coincide in all respects with the founding – introductory texts of the website. Read more…

Music opens

Music opens, its soaring inspires, caresses, recalls invisible glowing worlds that once used to be part of our presence, subtly builds burning images and channels

From one to another

Contributions are not purposefully called for by this website ’ he Path of the Grail', nor is it the purpose of recruitment for any unified way of collaboration, since everything truly decisive at this important time.

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