The Grail helps anyone who seeks to know and fulfill true freedom

God’s Will, through the incorruptible Laws of Creation, gives all creatures their space for the fulfillment of their being – that is the magnitude of true freedom given by the Creator to anyone who desires their own conscious being

Consistency with the principles of God’s Will opens everyone’s perspective for lasting creative activity in the Work of Creation

In the Grail, that belongs to the hand of Parsifal, is the key to all life and thus to the freedom of all the inhabitants of Creation, longing for creative action in harmony with others

Everything that flows in resonating in goodness and harmony can grow each in its kind permanently, infinitely, approaching newer and newer, increasingly overwhelming knowledge of the infinite Divine Omnipotence that has given Love and Power to the formation of the Work of Creation

The infinite life of the human spirit in freedom is conditioned by the resonance with vibrations of nobility in every act

In this harmony lies the way to fulfill the freedom of any human spirit in the spiritual home

The inspiration for grandeur, greatness and harmonious beauty is in the levels of Light, at the top of which the Grail Castle rises to perfection and radiant splendor.

The knights, virtuous maidens of Purity and Rose in the halls and flowering gardens of the Grail, the inhabitants of the Highest Light Worlds, are constantly inviting the human spirits to follow their joyful lives according to their image

By stepping on the path to the Light, in the fulfillment of the grandeur and greatness each person will discover the true freedom of being, for God’s Will and all Creation will support him in this work at every moment of his life

Wanting to live freedom means accepting the responsibility of mature knowledge that only good and helping action has an open path to blessing and prosperity

The free will of decision-making given to the human spirit as it awakens to consciousness is only a basic beginning of the knowledge of true freedom

The Grail sends rays of Justice, Love, and Purity that encourage every aspiration of the human spirit for true, wisdom-filled Freedom

Walking this path of wise freedom is walking the Path of the Grail