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Abilities for Life

Speech of one of the spirits who fulfilled their task on the Earth thousands of years ago and now acts in a helping way from the heights of the luminous planes of Paradise

Strong, Healthy Spirit

Healthy and strong thinking – this quality also allows to get the measure of all the characteristics and signs of evil, which, from time to time, tries to get closer to every man, to influence him and try to pull him to its subjugating path

Transformation on the Road

With shame and sorrow, the soul turns and looks back on its time on the Earth, when it considered itself to be quite orthodox and strictly cleaving to its verbal expertise in the doctrine or philosophy which it professed

Awakening of Joy

The anticipation of the moment the Parsifal´s Ray will complete its task in Creation and tranquillity and peace will prevail on the Earth sinks down through spheres in exultation

Helping Radiation in the Grail Ray

Where sincere, from deep within coming endeavour for pure and fair actions in all matters shines through the volition of man, there may now come nearer a rescue current of radiation, bringing deliverance and refreshment

The Tide of the Light to the Earth

Thus, in this time, free breath in the deliverance of the spiritual inner man and the grief of the collapse of those who were not completely bad until the last moment, but only held lukewarmness inside as a way of life that suited them, will be walking together side by side

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