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The Liberator

Those who are pure of heart and whose spirit calls for the Light should now free themselves from all that grips and weakens them in the endless differences of opinion of already visibly shaking human society when we can expect that many events are yet to boil over in full force into broad daylight

Uplifting Streams of Purity

He who senses in his heart only for a moment this image of genuine service, in its entire devoting of oneself to the Light, may divine a small part of what is held in the sublime happening in the Lily Gardens, the Gardens of Purity in the Heights of Light in the proximity to the Grail Castle

Higher Planes of Helpers in Subsequent Creation X. Ephredite

Ephredite is the warden of the threads that flow between all living beings in all the World Parts of Subsequent Creation, the threads which awaken in every creature the puissance to seek an ideal partner with whom they can fully experience part of their journey in coarse matter

Higher Planes of Helpers in Subsequent Creation IX. Herpheline

Herpheline would so much like to convey only beauty and perfection to all creatures, but she is bound by the great Laws of Justice and Love, and so her weaving shapes and adjusts everything so that the spiritual progress of man is paramount, which can be mediated by this or that cloak

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