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Circles of Connecting and the Animistic Herder

When there was ever a more open man on the Earth who could become a mediator of the connection between the earthly world and other parts of the Work of Creation, then through him the earthly world quickened at once; it began to rise because it could be lifted up by the power of knowledge of a higher kind

And the Power Is Coming Again – The Sacred Moment in the Holy Grail

Enveloped by the blinding brilliance of the Light, Parsifal ascends the steps to the Vessel of the Grail, in which the bubbling, Life-giving Power of God surges like a never-ending motion, containing everything necessary to sustain life throughout the entire Work of Creation

New Year 2022

And that is why this time is a great promise for those ready for a change; they can once again supply the doors of their dwellings with the sign of the equal-armed cross in a circle together with the new year mark on the Three King's Day

Current Activity of the Tiniest Animistic Species over Earthly Humanity

By way of calling, which is determined by the fulfilling will of the herders, unconscious animistic substantiality intervenes in the human community at first glance with always almost elusive move, but which will eventually corrode even the most sophisticated defensive structure of the intellect that has so far seemed to be an unshakably built construction of materially fortified mankind

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