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Streams of Light and Purity

Flowers of purely experienced everyday moments of joy and thanksgiving to the Creator are the decoration that elevates a woman’s inner self to the heights to meet the flowing rays emanating from the steps of the Grail down into Creation

Valhalla – Pouring the Blessed Animistic Power into the Worlds of Matter

The High Elemental Beings all come to Valhalla at this time so that they may be present at the moment when a bright fire in the great Bowl of Life, blazing perpetually on the elevated place in front of O-dio-nar’s seat, before the stages of his mighty activity, in the centre of the upmost hall of Valhalla, intensifies again

Festivals in Montsalvat

The supreme servant in Montsalvat is a priest and, at the same time, the first knight who guards this Vessel of life-giving Light, which graciously mediates the reflection of the action in the Grail Itself here

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