Gratitude, rising from the heart of man, having the pure power to lift up to the heights. It first ascends to the spiritual levels of the Light, from which it is carried to the halls of the Grail Castle, lit by the blessing power of the ministering servants there, to reach planes before the steps of the Creator of the Universe, the Holy God.

Through these paths travels every fervent, pure prayer, every inner supplication, rising from the heart of man.

Like a flash, a prayer, formed out of joy or pain, filled with sublime feeling, instantly discharges these distances unimaginable to human understanding so that it can be carried up to reach Divine levels.

From there comes the blessing back, which finds righteous, wise help on the way to the person who sent the prayer or to whom it belonged as an intercession.

But only the purity of man’s heart is what makes it possible to rise up for the prayers that reach the Blissful Hall of the Grail.

Remember this and keep goodness and purity forever inside yourselves.

As the King of the Grail, Parsifal will remain distant with his blessed help for your journey, unless your spirit first bleaches his robes with the desire to be good and fills your heart with warmth and light.

Remember, it cannot be of help to those who turn their gaze away from the Light.

Only to those who do their best to change for the better, only they can be helped by the Light on their journey.

Such is the Law of Creation, encouraging movement and living participation of all creatures.

Only homogeneous can find support in its efforts for the homogeneous

Thus the pursuit of good and light, in the life of man, brings him to the Light and mediates lovingness sent from the heights of Creation, from the Grail, for his journey through this earthly life and beyond for the planes waiting for him after leaving his earthly body.

Continued striving for the good connects each and every person with visible and understandable help, confirming that only a warm thanks, gushing from the spiritual within, is a human relationship to the Light, to the Grail, to God

Thank God the Father for sending you part of His Will – Parsifal – the One who in the Grail at the highest point of Creation permanently acts as an extended arm – the sword of Omnipotence and Righteous Love of God the Father

Thank Parsifal that He is the executor of the Holy Will of God, that He is the Most Righteous Administrator of your ways, for He holds Justice for all that has arisen. And all leads to fulfillment, so that in the end all that was seeded returned.

Give thanks to the Love of God, which causes everything to be guided by a higher wisdom than that achieves human justice, for even the smallest of the smallest in man’s life will be counted by Parsifal for his mercy in his Holy Judgment

Parsifal’s righteousness is the holy righteousness of judging everything, judging every creature from the beginning of his journey to the fulfillment of his beatitudes or his demise, depending on where his longterm will has  been directed

Thank for living in the Work of Creation as his spiritual children, evolving towards wisdom and nobility, having the prospect of returning to your true spiritual home in a clear, glorious Light high above these worlds of material.

Thank you for being able to live several earthly lives, fulfilling the law of the return of what you have sown in the past.

Thank for the tape tat was put over your eyes, which makes it impossible for you to look into the past – knowing about your actions in past lives would wipe out the genuineness of the present struggle for a better and purer life, that should gush like a spring of good will from your inside and should not be a consequence of calculation, nor rational balancing of your past

Thank for the true desire for good and the light that is born within you following the pure feeling of your spirit that is the most valuable that you can offer as a proof of true understanding of the Creator’s Will

Thank that the path of good leading to the Light is still open to you, pursue this path, and do not miss the opportunity to step on it right until your spirit has the power to put aside all that has been burdening it and all that was standing in its flight to the heights

This way of knowing the laws operating in the Work of Creation is the Way of the Grail