The Path of the Grail offers a view of unsuspected knowledge of the Work of Creation

It brings hope to everyone who truly desires to find out the meaning of life

Walking on this path provides immediate strength and courage

The Path of the Grail raises up our inner levels of self-confidence by offering conscious knowledge on everything that happens in and around us

This makes the veil of fear and hopelessness fall down, for it is possible to know that nothing is happening without cause, without a reason

The Path of the Grail provides a simple and clear view of the whole human being, thus removing all fears from the end of earthly life

The Path of the Grail offers each open person the rudder of knowledge with which he or she can safely and easily guide the ship of their life. By finding the right conviction we can help and underpin our fellow-men, who drawing from this conviction can by themselves raise up to greater certainty and joy in everyday life

Anyone who truly longs for the Light, for the real knowledge and want to bear full personal responsibility for their thoughts and actions can sign up to the Path of the Grail

All those who understand that wise, noble behavior towards fellow-men is the best way of fulfilling life here on Earth and act accordingly, can also join the Path of the Grail