It goes without saying that the drastic changes anticipated in the existing social order means that the style and role of leadership is also bound to change. This means that we should expect to see changes in approaches, systems, focus, or priorities in public, religious and other social settings. We have already witnessed the changes, starting the 1980s, in business organization structures and executive leadership.

Who knows the extent of the changes that will occur, and who may suddenly find themselves playing a role of leadership in the new social order, or having a significant role as an influencer? Therefore, for what it is worth, there may be something to gain in reflecting upon the Spiritual concept and role of leadership in general terms.

From a spiritual perspective, leadership’s duty is to create and foster an environment that will sustain and enable the spiritual development of all members of that community. This is done through ensuring that the rules that govern all activities in that community are based on the laws of creation.

One primary focus for the new era will most likely be the law of giving and taking, i.e. the law of balance. Under the new system, the taking must be commensurate with the giving, regardless of whether it is in business, family or social relationships. A successful implementation of this law alone should result in a gradual decline of current vices such as greed, or avarice, which are the stepping stones to so many other vices that plague society, like embezzlement, fraud, even unto murder.

Since the majority look up to leaders, it follows that the influence or examples of leaders are crucial. As such, leaders should be guides or helpers, from a spiritual perspective.

But, true guardianship requires an intimate knowledge of the laws of creation which, if fully imbibed, will manifest in the ennoblement of the guardian’s nature. Such knowing ones can become so permeable to the radiation of the rays of Light that in the naturalness of their being they become beacons of Light for others.

However, to accomplish this, a true spiritual guide will also need to imbibe a knowledge of human souls at their various stages of maturity, and develop the inner ability to survey the widest possible division of human maturity. To attain such a wise recognition of the soul, the guardian needs an enlivened intuitive perception for a finer assessment of people.

Knowing ones say that the coming times will require a radical change in man’s spiritual orientation, and only those who regain their conviction in the laws of Creation and the supremacy of GOD, and want henceforth to live according to the Will of GOD will survive the upcoming drastic changes, a process that may last centuries. This abiding by the laws of Creation will then remain the criteria by which anyone will be allowed to exist, after all of the drastic changes have ended.

Knowing ones also advice that it is important for the new type of leader today to be able to assess a fellow-man’s inner spiritual inclination, in order to discern how much he or she yearns for the Light, because only this will be crucial in being able to help them properly in the current and coming upheavals. Any leader who gets confused by externals, or intellectual knowledge will ultimately fail, and the time he rendered to people will prove to have been wasted and lost. Given the importance of the present times, help should now be given only to those who truly seek.

This last statement sounds very harsh and strict. But, those who wish to survive the drastic upcoming changes appreciate and acknowledge that all it takes is one bad apple to ruin a barrel. We already know this today, but ignore it in our misguided understanding of compassion or being non-judgmental.

Nevertheless, a leader should have a truly living capacity for compassion, coupled with wisdom to be able to offer real help. Only he who is inwardly ready to empathise with the inner pain and sorrow of others can understand such people’s thinking and mindset that has been forged through their experienced pain, and thus will know how to help open their path to the Grace of the Light. The true leader  must heed the free will of others!

Like all human spirits, those in leadership also have to pursue their own paths for development, which they cannot afford to forget.

Thus, spiritual leadership is indeed a grave responsibility that one should not take lightly.

From a spiritual perspective, anyone who can influence another person’s development or future has in effect taken on the duties and responsibilities of a leader. With this awareness, we can see that the responsibility of leadership applies to much broader activities than many today associate with the term “leadership”. For example, having a child, being a teacher or parenting implies accepting the responsibility to lead another person’s spiritual development!

In undertaking, accepting or usurping leadership, a person is accepting the responsibility of guiding and supporting the spiritual development of other people. The failure of even one person who is misguided by a leader can be fatal to that leader, if he or she has consciously or through negligence contributed to it.

Perhaps this will make anyone think twice about usurping or thoughtlessly undertaking leadership because, whether they are aware or not, they have accepted the spiritual responsibility that comes with that position! In the new times that we are entering, the consequences will be more instantaneous and drastic.

The irrefutable law in the new era is, “To whom much is given, from him is much required”!


Anyone who is intimately familiar with The Grail Message, and nurtures the honest desire to help others who are seeking Spiritual values may wish to download the full writing titled “Circles of the Calm – Mediators of the Light” originally published on the website CESTA GRÁLU. The writing goes into more detail on the thoughts covered here.