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Higher Planes of Helpers in Subsequent Creation – XIX. Hestia

Unlike Hatheine, who acts protectively with a certain militancy and intrepidity towards anything that approaches with the intent of disturbing the harmony of the home, Hestia swings fully quietly and weaves currents for home peace and pure, invigorating joy, from which mutual love and sympathy with all near ones can bloom

Light within You

Whoever seeks peace needs to emanate peace first; whoever seeks help for himself should be ready to help even with the least, which lies in his inner wish for a silent good-natured intercession for the help and happiness of other people

The Ray of Purity over this Universe

The power allowed to descend on this year’s Festival of Purity to bring the on-coming of the Pure Lily Ray continues to tide through this Part of the Subsequent Work of Creation, uplifting everything and simultaneously putting increased pressure on everything

Higher Planes of Helpers in Subsequent Creation – XVIII. Hathmes

The fire of Sirius does not ignite, the ray of Apollo’s sun does not shoot into space, the blow of Thonorun’s hammer does not fall, Neptune’s drop does not drip from the flower, the plant does not germinate, nor the fruit ripens, young does not become an adult creature, bones do not crumble into dust … until everything is brought into the correct sequence of the course of things by the uncompromising Hathmes

Circles of the Calm – The Effects of the Sieve of Great Changes

The powerful Haereiars and his strong helpers now bring movement to this sieve, which in its sifting cannot discern the condition of individual people, unless they have already through their radiancy risen to a degree where a high protection of a spiritual nature shines over them

Circles of the Calm – Mediators of the Light

So, it is to be the knowing who, in their own ennoblement of human manifestation, will become an integral part of the great helping happenings of the Light on Earth, who will become mediators of the hope found in the radiation of the Light that will abide around them and within them