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Current Activity of the Tiniest Animistic Species over Earthly Humanity

By way of calling, which is determined by the fulfilling will of the herders, unconscious animistic substantiality intervenes in the human community at first glance with always almost elusive move, but which will eventually corrode even the most sophisticated defensive structure of the intellect that has so far seemed to be an unshakably built construction of materially fortified mankind

Higher Planes of Helpers in Subsequent Creation – XIII. Haereiars

In Haereiars, therefore, a special kind of servant arose from this union, who rends and tears in the effect of his principle everything that is unsound, that deviates from its nature, so that this will eventually be expelled from the planes of Subsequent Creation, and a time might come for recovery

The Revitalising Home

And it is exactly the earthly woman that shall be this blessed place here on the Earth, this revitalising home, in her irreplaceable role as a mediatrix of the blissful forces that can come through her from the heights of Creation to this world

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