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The Merciful Day of the Influx of God’s Power

Hosts of angels form the paths for the streaming of this renewing power so that after it fills the Grail Halls with its animation, it may permeate all the planes of God’s Work of Creation

December 6th – In the Effect of the Power of Parsifal’s Ray

Where there is an unshakable conviction of the fulfilment of the victory of the Light on the Earth among men, there flow forces that blaze living trails in the world of thoughts, through which more and more people can save themselves through trust in the Light and Its protective assistance

New Easter Resurrection

Dwelling in the Eternal Radiance, which overflows with its dazzling shine as far as the ethereal clouds, the Son of Man is calling from the Grail Castle to the Earth so that those who have not yet become inwardly completely fatigued can recognise this time, during which, thanks to the Grace of God, the opportunity of rebirth in the spirit comes for every man who will open inwardly

Circles of the Calm – Victory in the Time of Autumn

A spirit desiring to carry within itself peace and harmony even in the most tumultuous happenings needs to know the Laws of Creation and also needs to carry inside the lasting clarity which comes from a living knowledge of what is really important to the human spirit – a knowledge of its spiritual path

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